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Sander sides fanfiction sick

Patton ran through the halls of the Inner World, looking around frantically. He was running so fast he nearly slammed directly into the legs of the man he was looking for when he rounded the corner.

He was missing a front tooth, making him look that much more childlike. I was hoping that maybe…we could play? Virgil pretended to think, and nodded. You have something in mind? Virgil rolled his eyes and stood, covering his eyes with his hands. Virgil started to count and Patton ran off, stifling his giggles as best he could until he thought he was out of earshot of Virgil.

Where to hide, where to hide…oh! He made a beeline to the kitchen and opened up the drawer under the sink. He climbed into it and pulled on the door so that it shut him in completely. Patton giggled despite himself. Virgil would never find him here! Shifting into a slightly more comfortable position, Patton closed his eyes and started to think.

But hide and seek was the best time to think. Virgil had been wearing his hoodie a lot more often than normal, and that made Patton sad.

Patton shook his head and forced himself to think about other things. That was something that always made him cry, and crying would give away his position. Hopefully Steven and Emile, and maybe even Weslyn would say hi to Thomas soon.

After all, they were seeing a nice doctor soon, and if Thomas knew about him and Logan and Roman and Virgil, he should know about Emile and Steven and Weslyn too. Patton stifled a snicker a second too late. The footsteps stopped. Holding his breath, Patton listened as the footsteps got closer.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Virgil opened the cupboard and Patton blinked in the sudden light, laughing. Virgil shook his head. Just remember to stay out of the dark hallways, all right? Patton shivered and nodded. The dark hallways creeped him out anyway. Virgil offered Patton a smile and ran off, leaving Patton to start to count. Already refocused on the game, he covered his eyes and began counting. A Tumblr dedicated to Sanders Sides fanfiction, as seen and squealed over by a plural system.

Posted by sanderssidesfanfiction. I wanna play! I never would have guessed. All the others say you hafta! Patton deflated a little.Sick fic - Deceit got unlucky enough to catch a cold.

Luckily his boyfriend s is there to take care of him. Your choice of ship? Keep reading. The last thing he wants is for the others to find out. Pre-Accepting Anxiety. Warnings: detailed depiction of vomiting, sickness, mentioned Unsympathetic Dark Sides, cursing. Virgil had known this day would come eventually, but now that it was actually here, it sucked. Getting sick was far from a rare occurrence for him. His normal routine was to lay on the couch and watch cartoons until whatever bug he had this time passed.

He liked to think it had something to do with the cartoons, or maybe just being away from the germs that got him sick in the first place. I was browsing your blog and I saw an anon mention "sick of losleep" but in a joking way my gay ass saw losleep sick, as in a sick fic, and i proceeded to scroll hoping to find said losleep sicfick, lol there was non and that is a crime XD.

Logan frowned when this rather cocky pronunciation was followed by a round of rough coughing from his boyfriend. Something it seems you have already done. How long have you been sick? With, what, your average seven hours of sleep each night? Summary: When Logan comes down with a cold and loses his voice, Roman gets creative with his method of care-taking.

This was written for sweetest-honeybeeI hope you feel better soon! As Roman waltzed around the mindscape in his traditionally dramatic gait, he noticed that the mindscape was not its traditionally dramatic volume. I really liked writing this god I need to write more Royality. Roman swept a piece of hair behind his ear and smirked in the mirror.

Eyeliner was symmetrical. Eyebrows were flawless. He looked utterly fabulous. Roman felt his lips quirk up as he pictured Patton smiling and doing his little excited shimmy. Wow, Roman really missed his little ray of sunshine.Good one. Thanks to everyone for their amazing prompts, I will try to write almost everyone of them and will certainly look at them when I find inspiration.

Here, have some LAMP for the soul:. The logical side had a fever and, as always, was not ready to accept this and made an attempt to escape from the caring sides to get some work done. Like they would go away and allow Logan to work himself to death. Good joke.

sanders sides sickfic

Logan was always cute when he was sick. The wooden door opened with a slight creak, causing Virgil to frown, making a mental note that this door needs some oil, before entering the dimly litten room with a thermometer in one hand and a bowl of water and a rag in the other hand.

Patton smiled at the sick trait and cupped his cheek with one hand, heart melting as Logan immediatly leant into the touch and nuzzled as close as possible, causing even Roman and Virgil to smile. He only looked up as Logan whined once more, shuffling closer to Patton, the rag falling from his forehead in the process.

It was honestly funny, Logan was the one to act the most illogical, clingy, cuddly and childish when he was sick. He was always so adorable, even though he can be quite a handful when he was sick. But, at least most of the time, he would get quiet when someone lies in bed with him and cuddles him. That is always the best solution for their problems.

Roman smiled down at the logical trait, knowing very well that this is the only time Logan would ever admit how much he enjoyed cuddling with them. Logan just bottled up until he broke and clung to whoever was currently the nearest, even if this one was Deceit.

sander sides fanfiction sick

They had to pry him off the snake and he immediatly latched onto Virgil like an octopus and needed to be cuddled the whole day for him to calm down. Virgil looked at both of them for a long time, before he crawled onto the bed on the other side of Logan and hugged the logical trait, burying his face in the crook of his neck and, despite the heat radiating from him, sighing in content.

He loved a good cuddle pile and Logan was actually a really good cuddler if he put some effort into it. It was relaxing and warm and he liked it this way. Everyone liked it this way. And he loved it, even though he will be embarrassed the next day and deny that everything of this ever happened, but he will cherish the amount of care everyone invested into him and his wellbeing. He felt loved, accepted… like a part of the family. Thanks David! But thank you so much!

Logince au where Logan is a blind artist. He loves the challenge of expressing his emotions despite his inability to see, but painting makes it possible for him to show things he cannot express. Roman focuses mainly on sounds and smells and feelings and not so much on sights in his stories, which is something unique and very popular among his fans.

Logan also has a service dog, Patton, and Roman has a crow friend that visits him from time to time and demands food before bringing him cool stuff like jewelry.

Logan's sick - sander sides- logicality

Hey Lissa. Sorry that it's been so long since we talked. I hope everything's been going alright. Listen, I just saw that you might be getting back to writing for your Insanity Sides story again, and I wanted to say how excited I was to hear that.

Also, I wanted to point out that you really called it with that story, since Deceit having those extra arms in the latest video reminded me of his spider nature in your story.Authors Note: I do not own any of the characters in this story except dawnlilypotter. Nor do I own the content. If you don't like it don't read it. It is an amazing idea why are you so against this? A series including us sides helping Thomas what better way to entertain the fans. Then Thomas will fail and people will laugh" Anxiety said harshly.

Inside Anxiety was on the verge of a Creativity calm down and stop yelling. Thomas quit pacing and sit dow. Now Anxiety you need to stop being so dramatic. Just because something bad can happen doesn't mean it will. Why don't we trial the videos and Anxiety can just not participate as per usual.

Anxiety huffed and went to sink out when a bright light flooded the room sucking them into nowhere. Along with Talyn, Joan, Terrence and Valerie. Anxiety sat up suddenly looking around his breathing becomming harsher when he realised he didn't recognise. Glancing around he spotted that Thomas, the other sides including Deciet and some of Thomas's friends were sleeping on some recliners.

Looking down he noticed he was sitting in a deep black, really comfortable recliner. Jumping up he moved to check on the others. He breathed a sigh of relief when he noticed that they were all unharmed. Moving around the room he noticed there were no exits. He tried to sync out but nothing he was stuck.

Feeling a panick attack comming on he moved to a corner of the room and sitting down and wrapping his arms around his knees.These are recommendations by Tropers for Fan Fics from the Thomas Sanders webseries, Sanders Sides, all of which have to be signed to stay on the page. Feel free to add a fanfic of your own to the list, but remember to use the template found here. Pick A Side by Anonymous. Stories that focus on the characters in an alternate universe, primarily Human! Sides A Us in the Sanders Sides case.

sander sides fanfiction sick

Powerless by patentpending. Almost Everyone in the world has powers. Ever since he realized what people mean when they call him Powerless, Virgil Sanders has tried to fight back against the system that oppresses people like him, Patton, and Logan.

With the help of a mysterious sponsor, Virgil becomes a villain, ready to remake a broken society. A Lesson in Practicality by ResidentAnchor. Chemically Imbalanced by NyxWordsmith. Sanders Supers by PsychedelicShips and Mrs. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account.

General Fics. Stories which primarily focus on the normal goings on of the cast. Synopsis: Thomas and the Sides coexist in their own slightly dysfunctional way.

Pairing s : Gen Comments: This fic is an excellent look into how Thomas and his sides exist in day-to-day life. Highlights include Thomas being unsurprisingly good at imitating his other sides, Remus being helpful, for once, and platonic cuddling.

sander sides fanfiction sick

Alternate Reality Fics. Beautiful prose, an interesting plot, and jaw-dropping plot twists make it the best Sanders Sides fic out there. Such an important story and such a good message. A Lesson in Practicality by ResidentAnchor Recommended by: Shine Status: Completed Synopsis: "Four seemingly random strangers all answer an ad to move into an apartment in downtown.

Sanders System: Patton’s Playtime I (Virgil, Hide-and-Seek)

It didn't take more than a few months before they all realize they've been hiding a secret from one another Now they're just trying to live their lives day by day as they figure their powers, and each other, out. While the fic is derived from the webseries The Platoon Of Power Squadronwatching it isn't necessary.

The fic, for the first few chapters, focuses on the daily life of the sides as they live their lives before developing a more in-depth story much like the series it's inspired by. Sanders History class, expecting an easy ride. His second mistake?It started off innocently enough. Logan was up early, he had nothing to do, and he felt up to a nice intellectual challenge.

As long as he could just get one game in before any of the others got up and gave him a hard time, he'd be satisfied. How's it going? Suddenly, something clicked for Patton. You know how you've gotten in the past. The combo gave Logan renewed energy, and he waved Patton away absentmindedly. Patton stood by for a moment, concerned, but eventually he gave up and migrated to the kitchen to start on breakfast.

Virgil walked in a few minutes later, and it only took him one look at Logan to know exactly what was going on. He turned to Patton.

sander sides fanfiction sick

We can't afford to have you like this. One swipe in the wrong direction had brought him dangerously close to losing everything. If he didn't get another 4 on his next turn, it was all over. Meanwhile, Virgil had cowered at Logan's outburst, and Patton put a hand on the latter's shoulder.

Just put it down for a couple of minutes? It won't happen again. Logan had saved himself from imminent disaster and was now back on track. This time, Patton took a stab at reasoning with him. Think of all the times you've complained about Thomas being on his phone. Virgil's right, we have a lot to do this weekend. Logan's eyes widened. He'd never gotten that far before.

But it still wasn't good enough. He curled up even tighter as his swiping motions grew more frantic. Virgil rolled his eyes.This work is a part of sanderssidessmutmonth! Remus Week Day Six, Dukeceit! Tags: xpouii ashensanity sanderssidesnsfw. Keep reading. The final day of Sanders Sides Smut Month ! Then I have a few requests hanging around from this fall and beyond that I have a few fics in the worls.

You can do the previous weeks if you desire, if you do tag this blog I will still reblog it, there is no time limit. You can mash some prompts together or just not use a prompt as the prompts are only a bit of a guide :. Back on time and almost done! Remus Week Day Four, Intrulogical! Remus Week Day Five, Dukality! Tags: xpouii sanderssidesnsfw ashensanity. Remus Week Day Three, Dukexiety!

This work is also tied in to my previous prompt fill. Posts Ask me anything Submit a post Archive. Slow and Steady. Anyway, enough nonsense—time to get to our third and final Dark Sides threesome! Apologies if you've already answered any of these, but I only recently found this, could I possibly do the previous weeks now still? Or is there a time limit? And since some of them have multiple prompts, is it possible to mash certain prompts together so to speak?

Or can you only pick one a day? Thank you and have a nice day. Lessons in Making Love. Content: daddy kink, embarrassment, fingering, blowjobs, anal sex, making love, size kink Pairing: Romantic Dukality Word Count: 2, Tags: xpouii sanderssidesnsfw ashensanity Keep reading.

Vibe Check.

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